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We Love Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Frantoio Romano Vincenzo since 1959, mainly deals with the transformation of olives into extra virgin olive oil, both on behalf of third parties and on its own. The Mill, during the activity for third parties, takes care of consultancy relating to the cultivation and harvesting phases aimed at improving the quality of the olive oil, directing producers to obtain an increasingly high quality extra virgin olive oil. Over the years the company has always used cutting-edge technologies in the olive process. In 2007 important investments were made with the installation at the premises of a plant with a continuous integral extraction system entirely built in stainless steel and totally washable from batch to batch precisely to avoid mixing between the oil in the oil. one batch and the other so as not to modify the organoleptic qualities of the oil of the individual producers. The advantages of continuous systems compared to a traditional single pressure system of the same working capacity are: 1. it occupies a much smaller area, about 60%; 2. it requires reduced manpower, in consideration of its high automatism; 3. has high productivity, cleaner machinery, with better overall quality oil production. From a continuous cycle, with the same quality of the pressed olives, an oil with a spicier flavor is often obtained, with a greater load of polyphenols and, therefore, greater supply of natural antioxidants, more preservable and healthy.    

stages of processing


The Collection is made by hand and with the aid of facilitating machines. The olives harvested from the countryside are stored in plastic crates and processed within the following 24 hours.


The Defoliation is made with the aid of a vacuum cleaner all the leaves present in the olives are removed


Once loaded, the olives pass into a hydropneumatic washing machine which eliminates impurities as well as any presence of soil.


The olives,  after being washed, pass through a perforated grid pushed by a series of hammers (crusher) becoming a real olive paste.


With the support of a piston pump, the dough is transferred into stainless steel tanks with blades that rotate, carrying out the kneading phase which consists in breaking the oil bags through the pieces of kernels pointed by the passage through the perforated grid of the crusher.


With a single-screw pump, the paste is fluidized with a small amount of water and transferred to the decanters (horizontal centrifuges) which separate the oil, vegetable water and “Sansa” (the three phases that make up the pasta)


By the pumps, the vegetation water and the oil are separately transferred to vertical separators that provide for the total purification of the extra virgin oil.


The olive oil obtained, is stored at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks with the aid of nitrogen (inert gas) to avoid oxidation phenomena.

pasquale romano

pasquale romano

General manager

Vincenzo romano

Vincenzo romano