romano vincenzo OIL MILL

The bond between the Romano
family and the olive oil was born in 1959, when the Romano brothers, driven by
their father Pasquale’s desire to work, took over the first oil mill in Bronte,
on the western side of Etna. Thanks to a strong passion for the olive oil,
today's management, now in its third generation, represents a leading reality
in the Sicilian artisanal olive oil sector. With a strong propensity for
innovation and a precise production philosophy. Promote the most suitable olive
growing areas between the slopes of Etna and the Simeto valley, and favoring
the finest native varieties and the national varieties best adapted to our
territory, enhancing raw materials with a careful selection of olives and
constant care of the work in the mill, in the phases of extraction, storage and
bottling. These are the elements at the base of the long and exciting journey
undertaken by the Romano family towards quality in order to produce oils worthy
of representing the best Sicilian olive oil culture.
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The project was born from the idea of creating a bottle that would represent the “Sicily” of a fine oil, through one of the most famous “symbols” of Sicily.
The content is a PGI Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the dark glass color package (BLACK) and Monte ETNA DOP in the satin white one (WHITE)

«le sciare» line

“Le Sciare” in Sicilian dialect is that land invested in the past by a flow of lava which was then hardened. The accumulations of lava slag smoothed by time have characterized the soils of the area, enriching them with minerals and exclusive properties of the territory at the foot of Mount Etna

romano line

Line of olive oils coming exclusively from Sicilian territories strictly certified by bodies recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies that control and certify the entire production chain, from the origin of the olives and recognized varieties to packaging in numbered bottles.

«don MicÈ» line

An Extra Virgin olive oil produced with olives from strictly Sicilian soils from varieties of cultivar Nocellara dell’Etna, Nocellara del Belice and other cultivars in smaller quantities

gli aromatizzati

Co-milled olive oil condiments rigorously obtained from the simultaneous pressing of olives and chilli, basil or fresh lemons.


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Frantoio Romano Vincenzo

Contrada Corvo-S. Nicola
95034 Bronte (CT)
Tel/Fax: 095 7723200